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Jonathan is an African Lion @houstonzoo
My colleagues and I @natgeo are driven by a sense of purpose in our work. We make photographs to celebrate, enlighten, challenge and document a changing planet. With the help of zoos we created this portfolio of Big Cats to put you face to face with these magnificent animals. All are captive born but represent hope for their wild counterparts.

Of the world’s 37 species of cats, 8 reign as big cats. All are top predators in their realm and all are losing ground. They face habitat loss, illegal hunting and retaliatory killing. Conservationists see hope if we all pull together.
To obtain prints of these images and others from my Big Cats portfolio with a portion of the proceeds to benefit The Big Cats Initiative, a long-term effort to halt the decline of big cats in the wild go to or @vincentjmusi for more info by natgeo

A portrait of two Orangutans for the article “The Other Darwin” about field biologist #AlfredRusselWallace. Wallace, suffering from a fever while specimen collecting in #Lombok Indonesia, had a spark of genius. He wrote #CharlesDarwin a letter suggesting #naturalselection as the driving force of #Evolution. Darwin who had been working on this premise for years, but had yet to share it with people, agreed and along with Wallace announce the scientific explanation. One of the other major contributions Wallace made is today called the #WallaceLine, which tells us about species diversification and the Geographical distribution of Animals. @robertclarkphoto @instituteartist @thephotosociety by natgeo

Photo @ladzinski / A sleepy sunrise in #PuttermanCanyon finds this young and perseverant #Juniper happy at home and rooted in the slick rock. It’s tough to beat the unique beauty of Moab UT. @natgeocreative #Earth365 by natgeo

Kitten Tries Waking Up His Kitten Friend by Chris Sabber

Baby Groot Dancing (For 10 Hours) | Mashable by Mashable